EVE meets Telegärtner

Today our purchasing manager Marcus Peters visited the booth of our manufacturer Telegärtner.

Here, Florian Gärtner (Managing Director) discussed current new developments in the areas of coaxial connectors and DataVoice.
The implementation of online services, such as the coax configurator from Telegärtner, was also discussed.

Telegärtner presented new DataVoice components for the Ethernet version 25/40GBASE-T and Cat. 8.

New networks need new categories

The trend to ever-higher transmission rates is growing due to rapidly increasing use of intelligent mobile devices. That puts more and more pressure on backbone networks and data centres to handle a literal flood of data. The data rates of ten gigabits per second offered by the 10GBASE-T variant of Ethernet are in many cases simply no longer sufficient.

The new AMJ Modules Cat.8.1 & MFP8 Cat.8.1 offer solutions. For detailed information, please refer to the Telegärtner brochure.

The AMJ Modules and MFP8 connectors will be added to our program shortly.

You can already find a huge selection of Telegärtner products in our online shop.

We are your Telegärtner distributor and supply the entire range.

Our sales team is looking forward to your enquiries.

Friday, November 16, 2018

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