Automation Technology

Modern automation technologies facilitate highly efficient and precise industry as well as manufacturing processes. In the category automation technology we offer high grade automation cables, industry connectors and machine lights. Manufactured by Lumberg Automation and Lutronic, our automation cables may be used for actuator sensor interfaces and feature improved resistivity to chemical and physical stresses. Due to their high durability, the industry grade connectors presented in our shop ensure uninterrupted electrical contact even in unfavorable or adverse ambient conditions. They are available for single-hole mounting, cable assembly, flange mounting, PCB mounting and screwed connections, coming from renowned manufacturers such as ERNI Electronics, HIRSCHMANN, Lumberg Automation and Lutronic. The orientation of the connectors is either straight or angled. The assortment is completed by adapters, holding clips, mounting clips, couplers, sockets, safety caps, dust covers and safety bars and brackets.