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Electronic components and Cable manufacturing -
That´s what you find here - Electronics distribution EVE GmbH

The assortment´s focuses are connectors, industrial and laboratory connectors, cable assemblies or different types of cables. Our customers and partners appreciate our expert advice, our quick deliveries and logistics service such as the setting of a secure storage for almost 30 years now.

As a worldwide acting electronics distribution, the EVE GmbH sells active and passive components just as mechanical components. Our assortment of electronic components also contains various types of batteries, power supplies, tools and cables as well as equipment for the connection technology. Depending on the branch, if you are a manufacturer, developer, a trading partner, a prefabricator or working for a public institution, we can offer you an individual concept for a perfect disposition and thus the base to an economic fabrication of your products. Contact your personal customer advisor – we are looking forward to hearing from you soon!