Solutions for manufacturer

As manufacturer of upmarket and innovative products you´re attentively choosing your distributors to meet your customers´ needs.

You´re producing

  • Line- and machine controls
  • Medical devices
  • Measurement technology
  • Devices
  • Navigationdevices
  • Telecommunication and data technology
  • Emergency systems
  • Conveyor technology
  • Assembly machines
  • Consumer electronics
  • Computer technology
  • Packaging machines
  • WLAN and mobile systems
  • Car motif
  • Electronic cash systems
  • Locking- and alarm systems
  • Emergency systems
  • Devices for facility management
  • Control systems
  • Solar systems
  • Agricultural technology
  • Building services
  • Packaging technology
  • Customer-specific devices with electronic circuits

As electronic distribution we are the backbone of the global supply chains.. Next to stocking of components, being the backbone also includes administrative services that belong to organisation, planning and direction of transport and logistics.

We are a purveeyor of every needed electronic component

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The EVE GmbH assists you with the optimization of your value-added chain to achieve a long-term high competiveness.

The advantages of our distribution for you as manufacturer

Our warehousing for your demand

Thanks to an intelligent warehousing, we keep repeatedly needed articles ex stock to achieve short delivery times.

Your production warehouse only contains the short-term needed components. Thus your capital is available for important new developments.

Calculate your yearly requirements together with us to set a frame order. Thus you only have to retrieve the goods that you really need.

Naturally, we open an individual safety stock to provide you with your components shorty. In this way, we guarantee a short-term availability and you can improve the cooperation between your production and your customer´s demand.


We transcode for you!

Just send a file containing all of your needed components and materials. We, as an electronic distribution, process your stocklists quickly and safely.

Always the matching product

We satisfy our customers´needs with our extensive range of goods. We always keep you up-to-date.

We also have the matching replacements for discontinued products because of our more than 120 manufacturers.

On the basis of their long-term experience, our product managers know every possibility to help you along with your projects.


Detailed Information

If required we offer to create a data sheet to every of our articles.

The data sheet provides comprehensive technical information concerning the functions and features of a component, assemblies or a complete product.


Individual and optimal support – guaranteed!

Your personal customer advisor supports you implementing your projects.

On the basis of many years of experience in the electronic distribution, we are able to always find the right solution for you when it comes to technical and commercial matters.


Quick responses

We intercommunicate in real time about important data like inventories, delivery times, purchase prices and outstanding orders.

Stored goods will be conveyed on the same day if we receive your order until 4 pm.

If you wish we also deliver by express!


As manufacturer you expect quality, guarantee and reliability of your suppliers. That is exactly what the EVE GmbH offers you!

A close co-operation and an optimal harmonisation with your supplier are essential premises in a competitive struggle and, at the same time, the best foundation for high customer satisfaction.

It´s always based upon mutual respect and trust.