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The ideal solution for every field of application

Quality, reliability and customer focus as the basis for a successful strategy by PTR. Functionality and efficiency coupled with the precision and reliability of the products: Since 1979, PTR has stood for excellent, innovative solutions. The success is the result of a consistent strategy: the combine quality and reliability with the aim of providing the customers with the ideal solution to their needs.

Consequently, continue to extend their range of products – and this is how they have ensured that they play an important role, worldwide, in the field of electromechanical components. As a result of the integration in the Swiss firm of Phoenix Mecano AG in 1989, they have been able increase their worldwide presence even more.

For example, PTR terminal blocks, multi-connector systems, test probes and DIN rail terminal blocks are now available in more than 50 countries.

They set the standards by using German engineering, high-quality materials, flexible production and sophisticated logistic.
  1. 24.02.2023 - A good connection: The PCB terminal blocks from PTR

    The application areas of PTR HARTMANN's PCB terminal blocks and PCB connectors are extremely diverse. From automation technology, safety technology and telecommunications to building automation, the products can be used.

    PCB terminals are divided into two groups, screw terminals and spring-cage terminals, and at PTR HARTMANN include metric and imperial pitch dimensions from 2.5 mm up to 12.24 mm.

    Different connection principles - e.g. the lift principle used for connections that need to be released frequently to the time-saving and innovative push-in technology - the VDE and cURus certified product portfolio covers all requirements.

    Special designs of PCB terminal blocks and PCB connectors, such as special lengths for solder pins, different colors, partially assembled PCB terminal blocks, marking with pad printing, inkjet printing or laser marking, are part of the range. The delivery of PCB terminal blocks and pin headers in blister tapes, tubes or on trays is possible also.

    An overview of the available series as well as detailed technical specifications can be found in our online store.

  2. 26.11.2020 - AK136 series PCB Multi-Connector for safety applications


    With the AK136 series, PTR HARTMANN GmbH offers a PCB multi-connector with 5.0 mm spacing which can be inserted from above – this makes it especially suitable for installation in housings.

    The locking guides on the underside allow the AK136 to be fixed in the housing base, and the matching STL136 pin strip is fitted on the PCB in the upper housing part. In safety applications, this allows the power supply to the device to be interrupted when the housing cover is opened.

    With its wire protection system, the AK136 clamps solid wires up to 2.5 mm², and stranded wires, with or without a ferrule, up to 1.5 mm². In the standard version (wave soldering), the STL136 pin strip is available as a high temperature variant for THR solutions (as PU and Tape-on-Reel) and also as an SMD variant, Tape-on-Reel, in different pin lengths.

    You will find these and other products from PTR HARTMANN GmbH in our internet store.

  3. 08.05.2020 - PTR interface blocks

    Compared to a conventional PCB connector, an interface block as a connecting element has the advantage of a more flexible application and its possible uses are manifold. Starting with board-to-board contacts, directly on the PCB, via hand-held devices, as charging contacts, up to chargers for high-quality laptops, smart phones and e-bikes and a multitude of other applications - everywhere Battery Probes or contacts called Spring Loaded Pogo Pins are used for the transmission of battery charging currents, but also for the transmission of signals.

    The contacts in the plastic block are ideally suited to compensate for differences in height and allow a large tolerance range when contacting the counter contact. The interface blocks thus have a large positioning tolerance and compensate for installation tolerances between the components to be connected.

    In addition to the SMD variant, PTR HARTMANN also offers THR and soldering variants. These allow a high degree of individual designs and applications.

    Spring contacts and other products from PTR Hartmann can be found in our internet shop.

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