Passive Components

In addition to active components with control and amplifier functions for electrical signals our shop offers a wide array of passive components. The category passive components comprises, among others, the various resistors such as ohmic resistors, resistor networks, varistors, potentiometers and compatible potentiometer accessories. Designed specifically for realizing circuitry with resonant circuits, quartzes, compatible quartz accessories, oscillators and resonators are available for order. Our comprehensive assortment of capacitors encompasses, for example, double layer, electrolytic, ceramic, metallized paper, polyester and tantalum capacitors. For transforming voltages and currents we offer transformers, transducers and winding wires for customized coil loading. The passive components category is rounded off by ferrites, ferrite brackets and many inductivities of various kinds.

New in our range: The AQ series

High accuracy even at high currents and output voltages

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News from JAMICON

Kaimei Electronic Corp. & TEAPO Electronic Corp. merge.

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