Mounting Accessories

For mounting circuitry, cases and components and for establishing connections between circuit boards we carry a vast range of mounting accessories. Besides accessories like duct tape or shrink tubes, various screws, nuts and washers are available as well. For exact spacings we carry spacer tubes and spacing bolts in different sizes. For PCBs and cables we offer board guidings, cable attachments, cable ties, metal cable holders and soldering contacts. Minigrip bags in various sizes are the ideal packaging solution for many industries. They are reusable and optimal for bit-by-bit retrieval. The assortment is completed by mounting accessories like expanding rivets, housing feet for adhesive bonding, push-on or screwing and components for transistor isolation such as isolation nipples, mica discs or silicon transistors.

Available from stock: Spacer Bolts by econ connect

The useful helpers for your PCB designs are now available from stock.

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