A secure connection: The cable connections from Vogt

Vogt AG Verbindungstechnik, based in Switzerland, was founded in 1962 and produces individual parts and components for electromechanical applications. With the fabrication of stamped and fine tubular parts as well as the production of plastic and wire articles, Vogt AG is internationally recognized as a supplier to the electrical and electronics industry.

The production of cable connectors has a long tradition at Vogt AG and has been one of the company’s core competencies ever since it was established. In this process, correct crimping ensures a uniform and not easily broken connection between a conductor and a connection element, which guarantees a high level of electrical and mechanical safety. The selection of crimp and press-fit contacts is highly diverse, with most being UL listed or meeting the typical standards. The selection of crimp or press contacts is diverse and most are UL listed or meet common standards.

From simple, uninsulated flat receptacles to cable lugs, wire end ferrules and partially insulated receptacles to fully insulated variants, Vogt offers a wide range for the most diverse applications. The assembly can be done by soldering or crimping, depending on the design. For series production, you can also obtain many of the commercially available cable connectors as strip goods.

An overview of the articles available from stock as well as detailed information about the products can be found in our online shop.

Monday, June 21, 2021

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