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The Telegärtner Group
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The Telegärtner Group with circa 600 employees is an internationally operating alliance of companies specializing in development and production for tele- and data communications, ranging from networking components across coaxial connectors and up to precision turned parts, plastic injection moulded parts as well as industrial electronics. If you, as a customer, are already working successfully in one area, you can profit from Telegärtner’s experience in other areas as well. Exploit the contacts within the Telegärtner Group!

The Telegärtner Group’s Portfolio

  • Networking Components
  • Coaxial Connectors
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Precision Turned Parts
  • Plastic Injection Mould Parts
  • Industrial Electronics

The head quarter of the Telegärtner group, the Telegärtner Karl Gärnter GmbH, has grown during the course of its 60-year history from a small firm into the company of choice for consumers when it comes to coaxial connectors, DataVoice components and cable assemblies. This remarkable development was only possible because Telegärtner never lost sight of their underlying objective:

Telegärtner do not simply want to offer good quality – they want to be better and to supply their customers with outstanding solutions with which they, in turn, can work successfully.

  1. 08.06.2022 - Ultra-sharp signals: The UHD 75 Ohm connectors from Telegärtner

    For several years now, the media landscape has been discussing the new digital video format 4k/8k or UHD (Ultra HD), which is intended to replace the currently widespread Full HD.
    With four times the resolution and frequency, the new format is supposed to offer a razor-sharp image as well as greater color depth.
    The big challenge on the technical side is to adapt the infrastructure to the transmission of high data volumes and over long distances.
    Telegärtner's UHD-BNC connector was specially developed for 4k/8k applications with UHD cables from leading manufacturers. Thanks to the design optimized for high frequencies, particularly good return loss values of min. -22dB @12 GHz could be achieved.
    The connector is capable of transmitting higher data rates of up to 24 Gb/s at 12 GHz. Thanks to the excellent electrical transmission properties, cable lengths of over 100 m are possible.
    An overview of the available versions as well as further technical data is available in our online store.

  2. 30.05.2022 - The new EVE PAGER - BNC connectors from Telegärtner

    Where connectivity takes place, where data and signals are transmitted and connections are made, Telegärtner creates solutions.

    Connectors are the core competence: With a production of several million units and 11 locations worldwide, Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH is always your first partner.

    In this EVE PAGER we offer you a wide range of coaxial connectors of the BNC series.
    At a glance you will find all important technical details and direct links lead to our online store with current prices, availabilities and ordering options.

    The BNC series includes the most commonly used coaxial connectors, which are used up to a frequency of 4 GHz. They feature a bayonet lock and are offered in 50 Ω and 75 Ω characteristic impedance versions.

    Cable connectors are available for flexible, semi-flex and semi-rigid cables. PCB connectors and receptacles are also available. The connectors of the BNC series meet the transverse tightness in the mating face between plug and socket in mated condition all-inclusive according to IP 54.

    PS: Check the availability of our Telegärtner articles via our webshop! A large part of the articles is available for you directly or within a few working days!

  3. 12.03.2021 - MFP8: Freedom in structured cabling from Telegärtner

    With the MFP8 series, Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH provides a field-assembly RJ45 connector solution for structured network cabling.

    Whether a cable route needs to be repaired, replaced or extended the flexible connectors enable time-saving assembly without great effort on site.

    It doesn't matter whether it's an installing of simple infrastructures in the home network or operating high-speed networks of up to 40 gigabits in data centers. The connectors have sufficient power reserves for every application.

    The RJ45 connectors with full-metal housing and 4-stage cable catch can be installed in just 60 seconds without special tools and are available in straight and angled versions.

    Depending on the type, they fulfill Cat.6(deep)A as well as the requirements of Cat.8.1.

    Processing with flexible conductors from 27/7AWG to 22/7AWG and rigid wires from 26/1AWG to 22/1AWG is possible without any problems.

    For more information and an overview of the available versions, please visit our online store.

  4. 23.10.2020 - Mediator between the worlds - Telegärtner Coax Adapters

    As an owner-managed family business, the Telegärtner Group has developed over the past 70 years into a globally active specialist in data and telecommunications. With comprehensive solutions, which are used in many companies worldwide, Telegärtner as a trend-setting expert.

    From the range of coaxial components, Telegärtner offers a wide selection of adapters between the series. Almost all common combinations of BNC, TNC, N, UHF, FME, SMA, MCX, 4.3-10, or 7-16 connectors are available.

    Depending on the connector, couplers with a male and female connector, as flush-mounted or flanged versions can be ordered.

    Telegärtner attaches great importance to excellent RF characteristics with corresponding attenuation values. Both common requirements for the maximum possible transmission frequency as well as requests for high IP standards can be fulfilled in different connector combinations.

    Expert tip:
    Use the adapters as so-called Connector Saver to protect the test port of high-quality measuring instruments. The Telegärtner Connector Saver are screwed onto the original port, which therefore does not wear out even with frequent use. The Connector Saver can be can be replaced quickly and cost-effectively.
    You can find these and other Telegärtner products in our webshop.

  5. 16.03.2020 - Rugged RF connectors: Telegärtner SIMFix

    The RF connectors in the series SIMFix® are rugged connectors with threaded coupling for use in high performance transmitter applications. These connectors are waterproof and are suitable for external use. Furthermore, they are designed to provide excellent technical performance, especially concerning return loss and intermodulation.

    The SIMFix® range includes RF connectors for terminating 1/4“, 1/2” flex, 1/2”, 7/8”, 1 1/2” and 1 5/8” sized corrugated cables.

    Assembly for all sizes is simple and reliable, thus guaranteeing constantly good electrical performance with regard to return loss and intermodulation. Ease of termination of the cables has been greatly enhanced by the use of specially developed tooling, which allows for exact stripping of the corrugated cables in the shortest of time.

    With SIMFix® Pro a waterproof version with IP68 certification is also available.

    Connectors with SIMFix® coupling can be found with the series 2.2-5 and 4.3-10.

    You can also find other Telegärtner products in our Internet shop.

  6. 11.10.2019 - New to our Range: 5G 2.2-5 Series Connectors

    The Best in Class: 5G Connectors made by Telegärtner

    Ever-increasing amounts of data have made further developments of global mobile networks essential. Above all, the development of 5G – the next generation of mobile communications – is creating new and more diverse tasks for the mobile communications industry.

    Highest RF-Power in Class

    The 2.2-5 series has adopted the successful concept of 4.3-10 and reduced the size accordingly. While the 4.3-10 typically require the same installation space as the classic N-connector, the 2.2-5 are satisfied with the standard installation dimensions of the TNC series.

    The 2.2-5 series enables a robust and PIM stable design in the smallest space. The space requirements for a typical 4 hole flange jack are only 17.4 x 17.4 mm. Therefore the 2.2-5 requires around 53 % less space  than  the  4.3-10  series  and  70  %  less  space than the 7-16 series.

    Hand in hand with the size and material reduction, there is also a cost and weight reduction, meaning this series is ideal for small cell applications. Despite the small  size,  relatively  thick  and  therefore  low  loss cables up to ½” can be used both indoors and outdoors.


    • space and weight savings due to compact design
    • optimized for 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" corrugated cables
    • very low PIM values independent form torque and coupling mechanism
    • contact areas protected from damage even when not mated
    • Screw, Handscrew and Push Pull options with same jack

    Detailed information
    on this new connector series can be found in Telegärtner's PDF brochure.

    The range of cable connectors, sockets, couplings and adapters can also be ordered directly from our online shop.

    Your customer advisor will also be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

  7. 12.09.2019 - The new Telegärtner AMJ-S Module 2G

    Telegärtner has optimised and redesigned its AMJ-S Module especially for very demanding applications that have to guarantee high reliability in extremely tough environments.

    The reworked Module features outstanding robustness against mechanical and electrical influences. In addition, its transmission characteristics exceed those laid down by the corresponding standard and it thus provides a significantly higher transmission reserve. This is verified several times a year by GHMT, an independent testing laboratory, as part of the Premium Verification Program.

    It offers even higher headroom and is approved for use with Four Pair Power over Ethernet with currents of up to 1,000 milliamperes.

    Like its predecessor, the new AMJ-S Module 2G can be easily connected without special tools. It also has the same dimensions and therefore fits into all patch panels, outlets and module carriers in the Telegärtner AMJ series.

    The new AMJ-S Modules 2G can be ordered directly from our online shop.

    J00029A3000 AMJ-S Module 2G Cat.6A T568A
    J00029A3001 AMJ-S Module 2G Cat.6A T568B

    Further comprehensive information on all AMJ-S modules can be found in the Telegärtner PDF brochure.

    All listed products can be delivered from Telegärtner's warehouse within 24 hours.

  8. 16.11.2018 - EVE meets Telegärtner

    Today our purchasing manager Marcus Peters visited the booth of our manufacturer Telegärtner.

    Here, Florian Gärtner (Managing Director) discussed current new developments in the areas of coaxial connectors and DataVoice.
    The implementation of online services, such as the coax configurator from Telegärtner, was also discussed.

    Telegärtner presented new DataVoice components for the Ethernet version 25/40GBASE-T and Cat. 8.

    New networks need new categories

    The trend to ever-higher transmission rates is growing due to rapidly increasing use of intelligent mobile devices. That puts more and more pressure on backbone networks and data centres to handle a literal flood of data. The data rates of ten gigabits per second offered by the 10GBASE-T variant of Ethernet are in many cases simply no longer sufficient.

    The new AMJ Modules Cat.8.1 & MFP8 Cat.8.1 offer solutions. For detailed information, please refer to the Telegärtner brochure.

    The AMJ Modules and MFP8 connectors will be added to our program shortly.

    You can already find a huge selection of Telegärtner products in our online shop.

    We are your Telegärtner distributor and supply the entire range.

    Our sales team is looking forward to your enquiries.

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