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As manufacturer and supplier of EMC materials Kitagawa offers you a broad spectrum of solutions concerning EMC, Vibration and Shock control and Thermal Management.

The global branches and production plants allows to offer latest technologies at attractive prices. In our product categories you will find further information about soft ferrites, such as ring-core ferrites, ferrites for ribbon cables, snap ferrites, SMD-ferrites beads and EMC-seals.

  1. 17.11.2015 - KGS KITAGAWA Product Range Extension

    We substantially expanded our range of KGS KITAGAWA ferrites for you:

    • The non-split sleeve core ferrites of the GRI series have been expanded by several sizes.
    • The flexible ferrites for flat cables and FPC of the FFPC series have been added to our online shop.
    • The flat cable ferrrites of the GFPC and GSSC series have also been added to our online shop and replace the old FPC and SSC series respectively.
    • Finally we added the round cable ferrites of the GTR series to our range. Those ferrites replace the old  TR series.

    Thus you should always find the right ferrites for your purposes within our online shop.