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Lumberg Automation™

Lumberg Automation™ products deliver intelligent wiring solutions such as electronic field bus components and connector and distribution box systems for all applications in industrial automation technology and complete wiring concepts for mechanical engineering and production systems for a wide range of industries.

Lumberg Automation™ products have outstanding compact design, chemical resistance as well as high mechanical and electrical loading capacity. From single- and double-ended cordsets to centralized or decentralized field bus components, the Lumberg Automation™ range offers optimal solutions.

Sensor connector assemblies and cables made by Lumberg Automation™ are remarkable for the large number of standard and special types available. The portfolio offers a broad program of M8 and M12 connector assemblies for any desired application.

  • Single or double ended cordsets
  • Field attachables and receptacle connector assemblies
  • Screwed clamp terminals, solder connection and spring-type terminals
  • Straight and angled, male and female connectors
  1. 02.11.2021 - As individual as your production process: Automation technology from Lumberg Automation

    Lumberg Automation products are practice-oriented, are used millions of times in industrial automation technology and are resistant to high mechanical and electrical loads.
    Starting with standard connection cables with M8 or M12 connectors, the extensive range also includes adapter cables, female receptacles, adapters and splitters. Components for individual assembly are also available.
    The various products offer all the properties required in an industrial production environment. The jackets and plastics used are resistant to a wide range of chemicals and oils. Excellent UV stability is also a matter of course and allows use in harsh environments.
    An overview of the available items, further technical information and data sheets are available in our online store.

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