Where there´s electronics there´s a cable. Benefit from our long-term experience as electronic distributor to plan and create your individual cable manufacture. We are a flexible partner for manufactures of multi-wired cables, single lines, complete cable sets and connectors. Convince yourself of the quality and our possibilities.

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We provide you an individual and economical solution according to your needs:

Production of complete assemblies

Do you need a system solution in the range of assembly productions? We support you as distributor defining every component. Completely or partly processed – don´t hesitate to ask us!

Appliance assembly

At appliance assembly, prefabricated components get mechanically merged, screwed and gummed up.

The electric, electronic and pneumatic components get wired with especially made-up cables. Of course. We second you with the appliance assembly!


Crosscut / skinning of laces, cables, flat ribbon cables and hoses

For the further processing of your conductions it is important to crosscut, skinning and stripping of the cables correctly.

We isolate and shorten your strands, cables, flat conductors and tubes in the highest quality.


Assembly of wires

We are your partner for the assembly of wires. Whether data- or network cables, we assume the assembly according to your parts lists and guidelines.

You are at the right place with your assembly of wires.


Labeling of your cables

Make use of our new service and place your logo on cables out of our extensive assortment.

Depending on the performance and the desired detail settings your logo can be carved into the plug´s mould or it can be placed as a 3D label on the connector. With us as your partner you will leave a very personal impression on your customers!


Manufacturing of individual cable harnesses

A cable harness consists of a series of cores or laces, that can connect a larger number of connectors.

The cables get linked to a bundle by e.g. tubes, brackets, cable ties or twines. We manufacture individual cable harnesses in every desired seize and quantity. We´d like to provide a personal offer for your cable harnesses.


Grouting, crimping, screwing and soldering of contacts and connectors

By using high quality precision tools the connection between contact and conductor will be established.

The result is a non-detachable connection between conductor and connecting element.

We offer you an inseparable solution!


Mounting with individual connectors

We match with your requirements! We process every desired connector.

With the collaboration of your customer advisor we offer you the matching comprehensive solutions.


Splicing of LWL-conducting wires

A connection between two fiber optic cables is called glass fibre splice. By means of an arc, the glass fibres´ ends get connected at a splice.

With a fibre optic network you are able to send a lot more data than before. If you have any questions don´t hesitate to contact us.


As an electronic distribution we concentrate on your main business. With your concrete needs and our experience we can find the ideal solution together. You´re manufacturing for yourself? You can find the matching components in our assortment from connectors to tools.

Production according to drawings or samples

Before the production starts, you receive detailed data sheets by our own data sheet service for your own safety.

They are optimised on your developing processes. Even if you need samples during the development phase or smaller quantities for pilot productions, we´d like to support you at any time!


Products according to your specifications

We are on hand with help and advice even before the manufacturing of your special cables starts.

In association with our manufacturers, we design the necessary tools to fabricate your products. Together we are working on an optimal solution.



We are a certified business according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. Therefore we guarantee our customers proven quality in every process.

Our products comply with international standards and certifications and ensure unrestricted safety.


Optimal support – guaranteed!

As a customer of EVE you have your own personal customer advisor who helps you implementing your projects.

At the basis of many years of experience in the electronic distribution, we are able to always find the right solution for you when it comes to technical and commercial matters.


Fast Delivery

Stored goods will be conveyed on the same day if we receive your order until 4 pm. When you need your ordered components really quickly we´d like to convey them via express.