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Bel Stewart Connector

The Stewart Connector portfolio of products include one of the broadest ranges of Ethernet connectivity. The interconnect products includes passive jacks, plugs and cable assemblies that provide connectivity in networking equipment.

Modular plugs and cable assemblies are used within the structured cabling system, known as premise wiring. All connector products are designed to meet current performance standards including Category 6 regulations for Gigabit Ethernet and 10Gigabit Ethernet applications.

Bel Stewarts MagJack® products include a comprehensive line of single and multi-port RJ-45 connectors with integrated magnetic for 10/100/1000Base-T applications.

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  1. 17.02.2020 - New: The standard range of Stewart Connector and Bel Magnetic Solutions

    From now on you will find all standard articles of the manufacturer Stewart Connector and Bel Magnetic Solutions in our online shop by searching with the manufacturer's name.

    In addition to current prices and delivery times you will also find the manufacturer data sheets for the articles. (Example: SS-60400-014)

    Stewart Connector and Bel Magnetic Solutions are subsidiaries of the listed American manufacturer Bel Fuse Inc. and each offer a wide range of ethernet connectors.

    The fuses from Bel Fuse Circuit Protection are of course still part of our product range. Just search here too using the original manufacturer's name.

    If you have any questions, your personal customer advisor will be happy to help you.

  2. 25.10.2019 - Stewart Connector now also offers M12 connectors

    Stewart Connector, well-known manufacturer of high-speed connectors used in Data Communication applications announces the release of their M12 A-Code Series, targeting environments where rugged connectors are needed.

    The M12 A-Code product line from Stewart Connector are standard products used in industrial automation, outdoor applications, measurement and control, agriculture and more. A-code M12 connectors are often used for sensors and DC power.

    The entire product line is IP67 rated when installed, adding to the reliable nature of these connectors in an industrial environment. IDC and soldering termination options offer quick and easy installations, replacements or upgrades.


    • IP67 rated when installed
    • both male and female panel mount receptacles and field terminated options
    • DeviceNet, CANbus and fieldbus primarily use connectors with 4 and 5 pin options
    • A-coding (or keying) within the M12 series prevents mismatching with other M12 coding/keying options
    • Quick and easy installation, replacements, or upgrades


    • male front panel mount receptacle
    • male rear panel mount receptacle
    • female front panel mount receptacle
    • field terminated plugs with IDCs
    • field terminated plugs with solder cup contacts

    Further information on the individual connectors can be found in the PDF brochure.

    As an authorized distributor of Stewart Connector you can order these new M12 circular connectors from us.

    Your account manager is looking forward to your inquiries.

  3. 14.11.2018 - EVE meets Stewart Connector

    In a personal conversation with Ms. Koch (Regional Sales Manager Central Europe) and Ms. Prebeck (Customer Service Manager), the fruitful cooperation to date and new projects for the future were discussed.

    You can already look forward to many innovations from the field of network connectors and MagJacksTM such as:

    Sealed RJ45 Jacks SealJackTM

    Moisture and other environmental factors limit the capabilities of electronics in harsh environments.Thus requiring a sealed yet reliable connector that protects against such factors.
    Based on the reliability of Stewart Connector’s RJ45 jack coupled with a sealed housing design, Stewart Connector’s SealJackTM provides reliable connectivity in the most demanding environments.
    This unique sealed design is the lightest and most compact on the market, which can be used to transmit up to 10G Base-T Ethernetspeeds.

    More information about these special RJ-45 panel jacks can be found in the PDF-Dowload SealJackTM Vertical Series.

    These and other sealed RJ45 connectors will soon be available in our online shop.

    An overview of the current Stewart Connector product range can be found here.

    As an authorized distributor we offer you the complete range of Stewart Connectors.

    Our sales team is looking forward to your inquiries.

  4. 19.05.2016 - Fitting Together

    The Complete Solution

    As from now, we offer you fitting grommets, matching connection cables and proper processing tools for select Bel Stewart plugs.

    Additionally you will find detailed datasheets and clear instructions for safe and simple assemblies of these plugs within our online shop.

    Easily Discover what Belongs Together


    Please click here for an enlarged view or download

    Fitting Built-in Sockets for every Application

    Of course, we also offer you the full range of RJ45 single or multiport built-in sockets from Cat.3 to Cat.6a.

    Would you like to save space by using built-in sockets with integrated active components? – You will find a wide selection of MagJacks also within our online shop.


  5. 12.05.2016 - Slim - Fast - Save

    Stewart Plugs are FAST and SAVE to install.

    Their unique design provides the best signal performance and a SLIM geometry.
    A wide range of boot designs is available, including an extra slim boot (1). This slim boot allows an extra space saving installation.
    Management Bar (2) and Wire Aligner (3) make the installation save and easy. Their design assures an optimal signal performance.
    A robust strain relief and shielding (4) provides a save connection to the cable, even in critical installations.
    The Contacts (5) are electro polished and 50µ” gold plated. Designed for up to 750 insertions.

    This unique plug SS-39200-030 achieves Cat.6a and can be ordered directly from our webshop.
    Slim- space saving installation

    • comfortable to plug & unplug
    • strain relief protection from cable to plug
    • more space for cooling and airflow

    Fast- 1Gbit to 10Gbit plugs

    Save- Quality by market leader

    • immediately available
    • practice-oriented choice of products
    • 50 µ“ gold plated designed for up to 750 insertions

    We are official distributor of Bel Stewart products.
    P.S.: Please click here to download a cross-reference table of discontinued TE Connectivity modular plugs.

  6. 17.07.2015 - bel group is intensifying the commitment in europe

    Bel Stewart, part of the bel group, is expanding the commitment for the future in europe.

    For the realignment of the strategic objectives, conversations were held with existing business partners and electronic distributors in Europe, in order to ensure the best possible and successful distribution of products.

    We are pleased to inform you that the EVE GmbH will continue the distribution of Bel Stewart and Bel Fuse products.

    The desired aim of EVE GmbH is to expand the existing portfolio of Bel Stewart Connector, which includes a wide range of network connections such as modular connectors, single port modular jacks, multiport chassis sockets and MagJack® integrated transformer modules.

    bel group also includes the range of Bel Fuse fuses.

    An overview of the current product range of Bel Stewart connectors and Bel Fuse fuses can be found in our current linecard. Our product range is continuously updated and expanded.

    You do not know Bel Stewart yet? We are pleased to introduce you into our product range.
    Your customer advisor is looking forward to your inquiry!


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