Product Change Notification (PCN)

Depending on the product cycle, electronic components offered by our manufacturers may be subject to modification. Advances in development or production processes are the reason for product changes and a sign for their further development.

We aim to offer you the current products of our listed manufacturers. With our EVE PCN Workflow we offer you the fastest possible service to inform you about changes and possible effects of a Product Change Notification (PCN).

In our EVE PCN Workflow, we immediately post a notification of an affected component when we are informed by the manufacturer. The manufacturer notifies us of his PCN as soon as relevant specifications of the component are changed.

In case of a PCN, we will make a manufacturer document in PDF format available for download on our website.

You will find all available PCNs in our PCN section or on the details pages of the affected products. You will also find the available PCNs affecting your already ordered goods in your account under "my account / my PCN" in the registered area.

Please feel free to register now to be informed about current PCNs of your already purchased components!