Highly flexible, yet resistant

Originally founded in 1892 as a small company in Horgen/Zurich, Stäubli is now an international group and supplier of comprehensive mechatronic solutions based in Pfäffikon, Switzerland.
Stäubli's stranded wires are characterized by maximum flexibility, good aging resistance, high notch toughness, elongation at break and tear strength. The stranded wires are therefore particularly suitable for the assembly of highly flexible test leads or the wiring of very moving parts.
The silicone stranded wires of the PLAST-E series also offer an important safety feature in the form of silicon ash, which forms a further insulating framework when burned. In the event of fire, this can mean the functional integrity of electrical installations.
The stranded wires are available with different sheath materials and diameters in many colors. Our online shop shows a selection of available items. If your specifications are not listed, your customer advisor will be happy to help.

Monday, January 15, 2024

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