To connect and attach components or assemblies and for repairing or installing such, adhesive is an indispensable resource, not to be missed in any workshop. Our shop offers instant adhesives or superglues by WEICON and LOCTITE. It comes in a handy tube with three grams of content and a fine dosing tip. The Contact VA 100 glue is a single-component adhesive on a cyanoacrylate basis, connecting various materials quickly and permanently. It may be used on many materials such as rubber, plastic and metal. The glue is temperature stable to an 80 degrees celsius and features viscosity between 60 and 120 mPa.s.
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not availiable WSF310 - Abbildung WEICON Silikon F flüssig Weicon 13200310

WEICON silicone F liquid 310 ml transparent 

  • PU: 12 piece(s)
  • MOQ: 12 piece(s) and multiples
total stock:
0 piece(s)
not availiable
availiable WEM24 - Abbildung WEICON Epoxyd Minutenkleber Weicon 10550024

WEICON epoxy minute adhesive 24 ml double syringe 

  • PU: 1 piece(s)
  • RPU: 12 piece(s)
  • MOQ: 1 piece(s)
total stock:
3 piece(s)
  • from 1 piece(s): €6.2900*
  • from 12 piece(s): €5.9100*
  • from 24 piece(s): €5.6500*


not availiable VA100 - Abbildung WEICON Elektronik-Spray (1) Weicon 12050001

Weicon superglue 3 g 
EVE: VA100

  • PU: 50 piece(s)
  • MOQ: 100 piece(s) and full PUs only
total stock:
0 piece(s)
not availiable
  • from 100 piece(s): €2.2600*


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