USB cables by econ connect

Most external devices such as hard drives, memory sticks or mobile phones are now connected to the computer via the USB interface.

The connection is made with a USB cable. Here the interface on the PC is standardized, external devices have different types of connectors.

In our online shop we offer you an extensive selection of USB cables of our quality brand econ connect.

Different connectors, colours and lengths are available directly from stock.

USB 2.0 connection cable

  • U2ZABxG (USB-A male to USB-B male) black with gold-plated outer conductor
  • U2ZABx (USB-A male to USB-B male) beige
  • U2AAx (2 x USB-A male) beige
  • U2ZABMx (USB-A male to Micro USB-B male) black

USB 2.0 extension cable

  • U2AMFx (USB-A male to USB-A female) beige

Suitable USB connectors from econ connect can also be found in our online shop.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

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