Range expansion: Safety test leads from Hirschmann Test & Measurement

With the MAL S series, measuring accessories specialist Hirschmann Test & Measurement is expanding its product range to include touch-safe adapter test leads in accordance with IEC 61010, with 4 mm safety plug as well as 4 mm safety socket.
Highly flexible, double-insulated stranded wires with tread-proof grip sleeves and an integrated color indicator for detecting damage to the wire insulation provide a high level of safety when handling these products.
The cables are available with onward connection (MAL S WS series), with straight (MAL S GG series) and angled (MAL S WG series) safety plugs in up to 10 different colors.
The new MAL 2800 S safety adapter cable is particularly suitable for applications on terminal blocks where very little space is available due to the application-specific pitch. The adapter cable has a 4 mm safety plug (with onward connection) and a 4 mm safety socket.
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Monday, July 11, 2022

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