Not only a plus for the nature: New impregnation material at BLOCK transformers

BLOCK has been a strong partner of industry and trade worldwide for decades when it comes to the perfect voltage for systems and equipment. At the latest since the introduction of the blue PCB transformers, the entire electronics industry has appreciated the reliability and supply security of this brand.

The responsible, careful use of chemicals in the manufacturing processes with regard to environmental compatibility and the exposure of its employees has always characterized BLOCK's actions.
In order to further improve these measures, a new impregnation material was successfully qualified after extensive testing. The conversion phase has already been initiated.
In addition to the ecological progress, there are also technological advantages for the products. Such as improved heat dissipation and noise reduction. The changeover will result in a slightly darker coloration of the products, but this has no effect on product quality.

The harmless use of the new impregnation material was also confirmed by external testing bodies in the course of the approval adjustments (VDE, UL).

Further information on individual products and an overview of the BLOCK range can be found in our online store.

Friday, January 29, 2021

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