New to our range: Single pair cables for industry 4.0

Kabeltronik, the specialist for high-quality cables, enables future-oriented networking with new cables according to the Single-Pair-Ethernet-Standard (SPE) in the Industry 4.0 environment.

The "ETHERtronic PURFlex Single Pair Ethernet" cables are particularly suitable for robust and flexible connections of sensors and actuators in mechanical and plant engineering.

Also where cables are permanently moved and stressed, ETHERtronic PURFlex can be used. This makes them one of the first SPE cables suitable for drag chains on the market.
While common Ethernet or fieldbus cables have so far generally required four wire pairs for data transmission, SPE technology does the same job with only a single pair of wires.

The advantages are obvious:
reduced weight and less installation work.  Thanks to the small cable diameter, up to four times as many devices can be connected per SPE in the same installation space as with conventional four-pair cables. This makes SPE an ideal solution, for example, where many sensors are installed in a very small space.
The reduced bandwidth of the single-pair cables is completely sufficient for most applications in the Industry 4.0 environment. Simultaneous transmission of data and power (up to 50 W) over one line (Power over Data Lines = PoDL) is also possible. In this way, sensors can be supplied with power, for example.
Thanks to their advantages, kabeltronik's "ETHERtronic PURFlex Single Pair Ethernet" cables are also suitable for use in building technology, automation and automotive engineering.

The cable with the dimension 1x2xAWG 26/7 is available immediately.
You can find this and other products from kabeltronik in our online shop.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

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