Maximum protection: robust IP69 housing from BOPLA

The robust housings from BOPLA not only look stylish, but thanks to their IP69 (Bocube Alu) approval, they are also suitable for use in challenging environmental conditions.

With the Alubos, Alustyle and Bocube Alu series, BOPLA offers products which are characterised by high mechanical stability, good EMC shielding and
UV and thermal shock resistance are convincing. This means that you will find them in demanding areas of application, such as classic mechanical engineering,
traffic control technology or in the field of renewable energies.

Bocube Alu enclosures achieve the high protection class IP69 for devices with membrane keyboard as well as for enclosures with integrated capacitive touch screen.
For this purpose, the narrow air gap between the glass pane and the housing is sealed all around with a sealing compound.

The enclosures are available in different sizes, colour schemes and designs, and are thus optimally adapted to their intended use.

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Friday, March 27, 2020

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