Shorter, safer and more reliable: The new AMJ-SL module from Telegärtner

The challenge of modern building cabling lies in the future: to guarantee increasing data rates and maximum flexibility. However, floor boxes, media tables and flush-mount outlets are often associated with confined spaces.

Compared to longer modules, the shorter length of the AMJ-SL module means it takes up less space in the floor box. The equipment insert can thus be installed lower down in the box. This relieves the inserted patch cords of mechanical stress in space-critical installation situations and is hence a major benefit.

The module is suitable for conductor cross-sections from 26AWG to 22AWG (solid wire) and 27AWG to 22AWG (stranded wire).

This Telegärtner modules and other accessories such as module carriers and distributor housings can be found in our Internet Shop.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

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