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Contacts worldwide could start for you in Niederdorf in the Erzgebirge-Mountain-Region, if you resort to our decade long lasting experience in development and manufacturing of electromechanical components.

Supported on research work to the function principles of contact technology and the electro-mechanic SKS is working since many years very successful to their customers. The tradition of one of the oldest industrial regions in Germany commits them to develop and manufacture very intelligent and sustainable. With professional competence SKS face up to your assortment and test. They are sure, that SKS engaged and solid educated employees, high manufacturing quality and closely communication to you will meet your requirements. Your satisfaction with their efforts is the ambition.

Obligation to an ingenious inventor to your advantage

With the acquisition of the complete product line Hirschmann Test & Measurement by SKS- Kontakttechnik GmbH in 2006, an decenniums established branded product is being continued with professional competence an inventiveness.

1926 ended an idea in one of the 100 most significant patents of the German industry in 20th century. The invention of Richard Hirschmann had a deep influence on connection technology for all measuring and testing tasks of electronics in all fields of life since then. With the purchase of complete product range , SKS want to lead an direction signed idea of 20th century into the 21st century an develop it purposefully in the interest of the customers and together with them. The brand means for SKS an obligation to an ingenious inventor to your advantage.

With the product range SKS place at your disposal a reliable brand of safety measuring leads and measuring accessories according to the requirements / standards of IEC 61010 /VDE 0411. The quality standard of Richard Hirschmann products is a basic to ensure and continue to develop the business segment of Test & Measurement. For you, it`s good to know that you can rely on their products regarding professional competence and inventiveness of a company, that will continue to develop the successful tradition of the inventor of banana plug purposefully with its own know-how.

The process cycles based on Quality Management System 9001:2000 and Environmental Quality System DIN EN ISO 14001:2004 belongs to our firm`s philosophy.

  1. 11.07.2022 - Range expansion: Safety test leads from Hirschmann Test & Measurement

    With the MAL S series, measuring accessories specialist Hirschmann Test & Measurement is expanding its product range to include touch-safe adapter test leads in accordance with IEC 61010, with 4 mm safety plug as well as 4 mm safety socket.
    Highly flexible, double-insulated stranded wires with tread-proof grip sleeves and an integrated color indicator for detecting damage to the wire insulation provide a high level of safety when handling these products.
    The cables are available with onward connection (MAL S WS series), with straight (MAL S GG series) and angled (MAL S WG series) safety plugs in up to 10 different colors.
    The new MAL 2800 S safety adapter cable is particularly suitable for applications on terminal blocks where very little space is available due to the application-specific pitch. The adapter cable has a 4 mm safety plug (with onward connection) and a 4 mm safety socket.
    These and other articles from Hirschmann Test & Measurement as well as detailed technical information can be found in our online store.

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