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Hirschmann Test & Measurement - a brand of the company SKS Kontakttechnik GmbH
High-quality accessories for measurement technology - Made in Germany

Richard Hirschmann's invention in 1926 of the "plug with clamping device for the connecting wire in the insulator" has characterised connection technology for all measurement and test tasks in electrical engineering / electronics to this day.

SKS Kontakttechnik GmbH took over the Test & Measurement product area from Hirschmann in July 2006 and not only continues to provide you with a branded product that has proven itself over decades in accordance with the current requirements of IEC 61010, but also develops new products together with our customers.

For example, the new development of the 2 mm safety system was a significant step towards miniaturisation and follows the trend towards smaller measuring accessories. Here too, SKS
achieves full performance - 1000 V CAT III in accordance with the current IEC 61010 standard.

As a globally significant and recognised manufacturer of measuring accessories, the aim is to convince customers with the highest product quality for a long product life, professional competence and service.

SKS is active in the field of contact technology and offers innovative solutions from a single source for a variety of applications in a wide range of industries. Its core competences include the development and production of everything from electrical contacts to intelligent, complex connection technologies.

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  1. 11.07.2022 - Range expansion: Safety test leads from Hirschmann Test & Measurement

    With the MAL S series, measuring accessories specialist Hirschmann Test & Measurement is expanding its product range to include touch-safe adapter test leads in accordance with IEC 61010, with 4 mm safety plug as well as 4 mm safety socket.
    Highly flexible, double-insulated stranded wires with tread-proof grip sleeves and an integrated color indicator for detecting damage to the wire insulation provide a high level of safety when handling these products.
    The cables are available with onward connection (MAL S WS series), with straight (MAL S GG series) and angled (MAL S WG series) safety plugs in up to 10 different colors.
    The new MAL 2800 S safety adapter cable is particularly suitable for applications on terminal blocks where very little space is available due to the application-specific pitch. The adapter cable has a 4 mm safety plug (with onward connection) and a 4 mm safety socket.
    These and other articles from Hirschmann Test & Measurement as well as detailed technical information can be found in our online store.

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