Reliable moisture protection: WAGO gel boxes for COMPACT connection terminals

Condensation, heavy rainfall, a powerful jet of water: when moisture meets electricity, a short circuit can quickly occur. Grouting is a proven antidote. But reliable moisture protection for terminal blocks can be achieved even faster and easier - with the WAGO Gelbox.

The WAGO Gelbox is a small, compact box that is already filled with silicone-free gel. It is available in six sizes and offers moisture protection for WAGO COMPACT Series 2273 junction box terminal blocks as well as WAGO COMPACT Series 221 terminal blocks - and all in accordance with protection class IPX8. This degree of protection means that the terminals are completely sealed against water and could also be permanently submerged in water.

The WAGO Gelbox is versatile - both in the low voltage and extra-low voltage range. The housing has a compact design. The gel boxes can be easily accommodated in any junction box. Due to the different housing variants, several terminals can be accommodated in one WAGO Gelbox - this provides additional space in the junction box.

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Thursday, June 25, 2020

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