Relays for PCB mounting from Finder

Finder GmbH is one of the leading companies in the development, production and sale of electromechanical relays, timing, measuring and monitoring relays as well as installation devices for building installation.

So-called print relays are used for many smaller applications where the control system requires only a small amount of space.

They are designed for direct installation on a printed circuit board. The advantage: mounting and electrical connection take place simultaneously.
Instead of permanently soldering PCB relays, plug connections are also possible - for example with the Faston connectors commonly used in automotive electronics.

The switching of electrical drives is generally a typical relay application. Depending on the type of drive, very high currents flow during start-up and must be switched safely. Finder's Series 45 relays are ideal for this: They are available with a normally open or normally closed contact and can be loaded with a maximum continuous current of 16 A at 250 V AC. During the switching process, currents of up to 30 A at up to 400 V are possible. The relays ensure a safe separation between coil and contact set.

In most cases, however, the space for the control technology is limited. If, for example, the complete automation technology has to be accommodated in a small housing, the printed circuit board should also have a correspondingly compact design. The 34 series PCB relays, which are only 5 mm wide, are suitable for this purpose. This allows printed circuit boards with a high packing and function density to be implemented.

Relays from Finder can be used in applications all over the world: Where the relays are to be integrated directly on the PCB, the relay specialist offers a wide range of products. The PCB relays of the various types not only meet the standards for the European (IEC) and North American markets (UL), but also have many other country-specific approvals such as IMQ for Italy or EAC for the Eurasian economic area (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan).

Finder relies on a very high product range depth, which now amounts to more than 12,500 different product versions - all products are Made in Europe.

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Friday, July 24, 2020

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