For structured network cabling: LAN cables from VOKA

As a medium-sized company rich in tradition, VOKA was already founded in 1919. Through the history of the cable industry, it developed into one of the leading specialized manufacturers of telephone and communication cables.
With its network series, Vogtländisches Kabelwerk GmbH offers a wide range of cable types for structured network cabling and thus forms the basis of powerful networks for the transmission of data and languages.

Since, in addition to the active components, the properties of the laid infrastructure are just as decisive for the performance in the network, VOKA also attaches great importance to the highest possible quality and performance specifications. The use of exclusively high-purity copper as conductor material is a matter of course.
The product range available from stock covers the complete range of cable types commonly used on the market. From the single-shielded Cat.5e cable to the pair-shielded high-performance installation cable according to Cat.7a, suitable products are available depending on the requirements and installation regulations. Compliance with current fire protection regulations in the classes Cca, Dca and Eca as well as cable sheaths made of halogen-free material mixtures are a matter of course.
In addition to installation cables for fixed installation, VOKA also offers versions with flexible conductors for the creation of patch cables. Here, cables ranging from single-shielded Cat.5e F/UTP to Cat.7 S/FTP types are available for every application.
Depending on your needs, you can get the products as 100 m rings or as regulated reels with lengths of 500 m.

For an overview of all available types and detailed specifications please refer to our OnePager "VOKA LAN Data Cable".
These and other products from VOKA can also be found in our online store.

Friday, August 26, 2022

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