For demanding networks: The Cat.6 premium patch cables from econ connect

As a manufacturer of high-quality connection solutions, econ connect provides you with the Cat.6 premium patch cable series, a reliable and proven option for creating sophisticated network infrastructures.

Conductors made of virtually oxygen-free, high-purity copper and double shielding, including paired sheathing with aluminum foil (S/FTP), ensure high performance even under difficult operating conditions with high interference levels. An individual test according to ISO/IEC 11801 as well as EN50173 underlines the high, qualitative demand on these Cat. 6 patch cables.

A series with UL-CMX certification is also available for international use.

We also offer the possibility of individual printing of the raw cable goods before assembly, the creation of your own connectors with your logo as well as individual labeling and packaging. If you are interested, please contact your customer advisor to check your ideas and a possible implementation.

Further technical information and an overview of all available color and length combinations can be found in our online store.

Monday, February 15, 2021

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