Diversity proven over many years: DIN 41612 connectors from ept

The DIN 41612 connector is still widely used, especially as an industrial connector.
For example, the VME bus, which has been available on the market for over 35 years, is based on DIN connectors. This has enabled it to secure a very good position with the industrial PC and is still used in new developments.

The large number of different designs and connection techniques (press-fit, dip soldering, hand soldering, winding, crimp and THR) of DIN connectors cover a wide range of applications.
In addition, the robust and reliable design ensures the future of these PCB connectors.

Today, DIN 41612 connectors are used for applications in the field of signal transmission as well as for the transmission of higher currents. And this in all areas of industrial electronics: from control technology to motor controls to industrial PCs.

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Thursday, October 5, 2023

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