Approved connections in measurement and control technology: UL-LiYY cables

For connections in the field of measurement and control technology as well as in signal and pulse technology, the cable specialist kabeltronik Arthur Volland GmbH offers a wide range of different cables.
UL approval according to UL AWM 2464/2517-10002 makes the UL-LiYY control cables suitable for use in export products destined for America. The core insulation made of SR-PVC offers a good suitability for the processing of insulation displacement connectors. Thanks to an outer jacket made of special PVC (flame-retardant according to UL-VW-1), the cables are largely oil-resistant, gasoline-resistant, weather-resistant and UV-resistant.
With cross-sections from 28AWG to 20AWG and numbers of poles from 2-pole to 10-pole, a wide range of variants is available for a wide variety of applications. The extended temperature range of -30°C to +105°C (stationary) and -15°C to +105°C (moving) also allows use in thermally demanding environments.
An overview of the variants available from stock can be found in our online store. Here you will also find other products from kabeltronik.
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Monday, May 30, 2022

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