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The Technology and Market Leader in Industrial Networking

As specialist for automation and networking technology, Hirschmann™ develops innovative solutions, which are geared towards its customers’ requirements in terms of performance, efficiency and investment reliability.

Hirschmann™ has adopted a major role in the establishment of Ethernet technology as the standard in the pro duction area. Today, the Powerlink protocol from the Ethernet Powerlink Standardization Group already provides an open method for the realisation of hard realtime applications using Ethernet, for example for machinery controllers by integrating the CANopen® Protocols. Hirschmann™ is a founding member of the EPSG.

It is currently the only brand on the market to offer a complete product range for homogeneous data communication in the industrial sector using Ethernet and Fieldbus systems. This includes Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches as well as industrial security and WLAN systems that provide a uniform, company-wide communications infrastructure without interface problems and media discontinuities. These products are used in many different applications such as factory automation, process control, transportation and mechanical engineering.

Hirschmann™ not only offers a complete range of products for company-wide data networks, but also a broad support package direct from the product manufacturer. Customers are supported, both during the conception of tailor-made communications solutions, and during the planning, design, commissioning and maintenance of the networks. Seminars and workshops, in which trends and developments are evaluated, and technical subjects put into practice, complete the range of services.

  1. 07.06.2016 - Rectangular Connectors G-Series

    The compact model, with several keying options.

    Where other plug connectors have a tough time finding space, the G-series does very well within space constraints, for this reason, the rectangular connector, with its compact dimensions, is a fixed entity in miniaturization.

    The G-Series – New at our webshop:

    Cable sockets
    Cable sockets with molded leads
    Panel-mounted sockets
    Cable connectors with molded leads
    Surface- and Panel-mounted connectors

    Typical applications:

    • in power and control cable connections
    • for small drives in hydraulic and pneumatic
    • control systems
    • electromedical devices
    • photo cells
    • connection of sensors
    • connection of position-measuring and windmeasuring

    Operational areas at harsh environmental conditions:

    • underground construction
    • oil-drilling rigs
    • tractuators
    • container ships and loading stations
    • heavy construction machinery
    • racking and painting installations.

    HIRSCHMANN offers the G-series in two structurally identical versions either with or without earthing contact – in all cases with numbering in order to prevent accidental miswiring.

    The design and materials of the G-series fulfill the specifications as per VDE 0660 and offer protection
    against dust
    and sprayed water.

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