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Ersa is a traditional company in family ownership. With a worldwide presence and the highest quality standards of suppliers and high-tech group is consolidating its leading position.

The global markets forces to offer an above-average performance in all business fields. To meet this challenge, Ersa encourage their employees, promote them, and recognize their performance.

Ersa would like to do their part to protect and preserve the environment. As a producing company they have a particular responsibility and must not pollute the environment more than necessary.

Long-term existence can only be achieved through continuous improvement. Looking for ways to improve and acting upon them is an obligation to Ersa.

Quality is not just a coincidence to Ersa, but rather the result of clear goals and guidelines at every level of information, developmental, and production processes.

  1. 07.01.2022 - Ersa i-CON VARIO 2: Multichannel soldering and desoldering station with X-TOOL VARIO

    For professional soldering users, Ersa provides two versions of the well-known and popular i-CON VARIO 2 family:
    The powerful 200 W soldering station with an X-TOOL VARIO (0ICV2000AXV) alone or in combination with an i-TOOL (0ICV2000AI). The X-TOOL VARIO is a THT desoldering iron whose ergonomic design makes it easy to reach soldering points even on narrowly populated PCBs.
    The existing device versions mostly have a hot air soldering iron i-TOOL AIR S and another connectable contact soldering tool, such as CHIP TOOL VARIO or i-TOOL. Parallel operation of two i-TOOL pistons is also possible.
    Your advantages are obvious:
    Simultaneous operation of two powerful soldering tools, 200 W power for high-mass applications and an integrated vacuum pump for fast and quiet provision of a necessary vacuum for efficient solder extraction.
    You can find these and other products from kurtz ersa in our online store.

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