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Welcome to the ERNI world

As a leading manufacturer of connectors, ERNI keeps the world running in every area. In addition to manufacturing connectors, they offer a strong service portfolio: the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) range from electronics development through the assembly of printed circuit boards using pressfit or soldering technology to inspection technology, electronic packaging and cable connector assembly. And if the course of things in the world demands a new connector solution, naturally ERNI can also supply it.

About ERNI

ERNI Electronics is a leading global manufacturer and worldwide supplier of a broad line of interconnects for the telecommunications, data communications, computer, industrial and medical markets.

ERNI Electronics GmbH & Co. KG belongs to the international ERNI Group of companies specializing in electrical engineering and electronics. At present the ERNI Group employs some 650 people, achieving annual sales of around 150 million Euro. ERNI has manufacturing operations in Europe as well as sales offices in over 40 countries. ERNI products are also marketed via a worldwide network of representatives and leading distributors.


ERNI Electronics is one of the world's largest manufacturer of electrical connectors according to DIN 41612 standard. At the time of the founding of the ERNI Elektroapparate-GmbH by the Swiss parent company ERNI + Co. AG in 1956 consisted only of its product line relay.

ERNI in June 2006 celebrated its 50th corporate anniversary. After a steady period of growth produced ERNI Electronics in 1968 as the world's first manufacturer connector according to the new DIN 41612 standard, which became the world's most commonly used standard for industrial PCB-/Leiterplatten-Steckverbinder (PCB is an abbreviation for "printed circuit board ", in German, printed circuit board). In 1980, a distribution company was founded in the USA, which was later extended by a manufacturing site.

Continuous growth finally necessitated the centralization of all domestic production facilities in the newly built factory in Adelberg in 1992. Since July 1993 the quality management system certification in accordance with CECC / DIN ISO 9001. In 1997, the production site Adelberg due to capacity constraints has been increased by 75%, which corresponds to an extension of 7,500 m².

Mid-1990s, the connector series ERmet and SMC have been developed. The current product range covers PCB connectors and I/O connectors, backplanes (development, production and 100% testing), cable connectors, housings, systems, tools and presses.

Corporate philosophy

The claims made on connectors are the driving forces of Erni's quality system. ERNI is pursuing a "zero defect" production, followed by continuous improvement of corporate processes.

  1. 08.02.2023 - Last-Time-Buy date for affected ERNI products!

    The following is an important information about selected products from the manufacturer ERNI.

    As part of the optimization of the portfolio over the entire life cycle, the manufacturer ERNI
    has decided to keep the products in the overview below available for order only until the listed
    Last-Time-Buy date (LTB date).

    The mentioned items are set to obsolete after the last serial production,
    the LTB date represents the last, possible order day!

    All orders received by the LTB date will be reviewed for feasibility and
    confirmed by ERNI with an estimated ship date.

    The manufacturer reserves the right to offer alternative delivery quantities.

    We will be happy to answer your questions about ERNI LTB!

       HERE you can find the products!  

  2. 01.12.2022 - Your ERNI distributor for more than 20 years

    EVE GmbH is proud to have successfully cooperated with ERNI for more than 20 years now.

    We will continue to perform the task as ERNI distributor in its usual strength and quality. EVE GmbH will continue to have access to the entire ERNI Electronics product range.

    We have an appropriate ERNI warehouse at our disposal and offer secured forward orders and blanket orders with safety stock.

    Some product series, such as DIN and ERmet, will be transferred to TE's number range. EVE GmbH will also continue to have full access to these series in the future.

    Please continue to place your trust in EVE GmbH as ERNI distributor in the future.

    We offer you a wide range of articles in our online store. Here you will find detailed technical information and the possibility to order directly.

    If the products you are looking for are not listed, please feel free to use the longtime know-how of our employees. Your account managers are looking forward to your inquiries.

  3. 25.11.2022 - SMC and DIN 41612 Connectors from ERNI

    1. Small Multiple Connectors (SMC) for economical SMT manucfaturing

    The double-row SMC connector family with pitch 1.27 mm is compact, safe and relieable. The connectors have a high signal integrity and withstand high current.

    The contact tulip is twisted by 90 degrees, making these connectors unique
    Whereas many manufacturers mate the male connectors on the rough stamped side, which minimises the current capacity and the number of mating cycles, ERNI also stamps the contacts, but twists the contact tulip by 90 degrees. This permits mating on the smooth rolled surface, thus ensuring reliable contact making and high current capacity. This  technique is highly sophisticated regarding the stamping technology, but has been perfected by ERNI for years.

    We now offer you a part of our extensive range in our current flip page catalogue. You will find many other variants in our online store.

    2. DIN 41612 male and female connectors - proven for decades

    The connector family according to DIN 41612 consists of 13 basic types and many standard supplementary versions. It has been developed for use in surface-mounting systems to DIN 41494 (19" technology). The many designs and the rational connection techniques have enabled these connectors to be installed in a wide variety of applications.

    • connection between plug-in cards and backplane wiring
    • connection between two printed circuit boards placed one above the other
    • connection to peripheral devices with cable housings as accessories
    • as transfer connector for external interfaces from the wiring side

    Also in this product overview you can see only a small part of our product range. We offer you the complete program in our online store.

    Your personal customer advisor is awaiting you inquiries.

  4. 21.06.2019 - Optimisation of delivery times for various ERNI products

    In the last weeks and months ERNI was able to optimize the delivery times for the series M8/M12, MaxiBridge, SMC, ERmet and DIN41612 again and again.

    This has led to significant reductions in delivery times, which makes your planning and procurement easier.

    The optimisation of delivery times results from increasing capacities in production, relocation to further plants in Thailand or also from the independent work of some new employees in the production area.

    In addition, ERNI is currently working very acutely on a restructuring of production, which will also produce further positive effects.

    You can view the current replacement times for new production planning at at article level.

  5. 14.11.2018 - EVE meets ERNI Electronics

    We have been your reliable distributor for ERNI connectors and components for almost 20 years. We sealed this trusting cooperation again today with a personal meeting at electronica.

    This year ERNI is presenting a new series of M12 connectors with 12 and 17 poles.

    Over the last three decades, the M8/M12 connector system has established itself as that preferred device connection for use in rough environments which require a reliable, robust coupling solution.

    With various pin counts and a number of cable types, plug configurations and plug codings, the M8/M12 connector covers a wide spectrum of requirements.

    ERNI Electronics is now expanding its already extensive portfolio to include versions with higher pin counts.


    • high pin count in the standard M12 design
    • design-in suitable for the ERNI M8/M12 range
    • SMT, shieldable and suitable for automated processes
    • space saving for very compact device design
    • compensation of device interfaces
    • a single plug for bus, I/O, control, service and safety signals
    • enables more ports; for instance, for I/O boxes
    • M12 instead of M23 for multi-pin connections of valve terminals


    • sensors, cameras, scanners, rotary encoders
    • I/O boxes, sensor/actuator multi-pin connections

    These M12 connectors with 12 and 17 poles will be available shortly.

    You can already find a variety of M8/M12 circular connectors in our online shop.

    As an authorized distributor, we can of course supply you with the entire ERNI range.

    Your customer advisor is looking forward to your inquiries.

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