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ANSMANN – your specialist for mobile energy solutions

Founded in 1991, ANSMANN AG, with its "Consumer" and "Industrial" divisions, is today one of the leading international companies for battery, accumulator, charging, drive and lighting technology. With its six subsidiaries in the USA, Great Britain, France, Sweden, China and Hong Kong, ANSMANN AG employs a total of over 400 people - including in the areas of research, development, production and sales. At the company's headquarters in Assamstadt, the company operates a production area, central logistics and also a UN test centre, which carries out all the necessary tests and trial series for the transportability of lithium batteries.

ANSMANN "Consumer"
In the "Consumer" division, ANSMANN AG develops and produces a wide range of products for the end consumer, which are sold through specialist electrical stores, technical retailers and online. The diversified portfolio ranges from batteries and accumulators to chargers and mobile lighting technology in the form of torches, headlamps and hand lamps. Nightlights and baby monitors are also available under the name "ANSMANN 4 Kids".

ANSMANN "Industry"
In the "Industry" division ANSMANN AG develops and produces OEM solutions for mobile power supply for a wide range of applications. Well-known manufacturers worldwide trust in ANSMANN technologies, among others in the field of battery packs, power supplies, chargers and drive technology. These are used, for example, in garden tools such as battery-powered lawnmowers, trimmers or scarifiers, medical technology, logistics or even in electric wheelchairs as well as sweepers and suction machines. With the latest areas "E-Bike/E-Mobility" ANSMANN AG focuses on climate-friendly mobility and offers innovative holistic drive systems - consisting of battery pack, control unit, motor and display.

  1. 21.06.2018 - Ansmann product range expansion

    We have added numerous batteries from Ansmann to our product range.

    The large selection of consumer products from this German manufacturer ranges from standard and special sized batteries to chargers and    power supplies for various applications to pocket lamps, portable spotlights and headlamps.

    As of now, the greatly expanded range of batteries is available for you at our online shop.

    Rechargeable Batteries

    We offer rechargeable batteries in the usual sizes AA, AAA, C, D and E-block but also special block designs with significant technical datasheets. You will find rechargeable products featuring capacities from 170 mAh to 850 mAh made from various materials.



    The new primary batteries are available in a wide selection of various type such as AAA, AA, C, D, E-blocks and button cells. With voltages ranging from 1.45 V to 12 V and the materials alkaline, lithium, silver oxide and zinc air, you will always find the right product for your application.

    Besides many more batteries, you will also find power supplies and chargers from Ansmann within our standard product range.

  2. 11.08.2015 - Program extension Ansmann

    We have expanded our our Ansmann product range of selected chargers and accus.

    From now you will find following products in our online shop:

    Powerline 4 Light Desktop charger for Round cells
    Powerline 8 Desktop charger for Round cells
    Photocam IV Plug-in charger for round cells
    USB Charger 1A Plug-in charger with USB
    USB Charger 2.1A Plug-in charger with USB
    ALCS2-12/0.4 Lead charger for 2 V, 6 V and 12 V
    ALCT6-24/2 Lead charger for 6 V, 12 V and 24 V
    ALCT6-24/4 Lead charger for 6 V, 12 V and 24 V
    ALCT6-24/10 Lead charger for 6 V, 12 V and 24 V
    maxE accu micro Accu NiMH 550 mAh micro AAA 1,2 V blister
    maxE accu mignon          Accu NiMH 1300 mAh mignon AA 1,2 V blister
    maxE accu baby Accu NiMH 2500 mAh baby C 1,2 V blister
    maxE accu mono Accu NiMH 5000 mAh mono D 1,2 V blister


    Here you will find more products from Ansmann.


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