New to our Range: VOKA Installation Cables and Underground Cables

As from now, you will find a wide selection of energy and control cables NYY-J and installation cables NYM-J
by the cable specialist VOKA.

The underground cables NYY-J available in the length of 100 m are perfect for indoor and outdoor installation, laying in ducts and underground, for power stations, industrial and other switchgears as well as local exchange.

Installation cables NYM-J are available in the length of 100 m and 500 m. The cables are ideally suited for laying on, in and under plaster in dry, moist and wet rooms as well as in masonry. Direct embedding in jolted, agitated or tamped concrete is not permitted. Also for outdoor use, provided that protection against direct sunlight is ensured.

You will find all technical data and detailed descriptions in our new online shop!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

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