Your application in the right light: LEDs from HuiYuan Opto

Founded in 1999, HuiYuan Opto now offers a wide range of optoelectronic products as a professional manufacturer.
With THT or SMD designs, HuiYuan Opto types are available in various wavelengths, shapes, brightnesses and emission angles. For example, you can choose from SMD LED in the types 0805, 1206 or 3528 as well as THT LED with package sizes from 3 mm up to 10 mm for particularly impressive illuminations.
For applications where particularly bright displays are required, HighPower LEDs are available, which are also available with integrated heat sinks on request.
In addition to products for the visible spectrum, HuiYuan Opto also offers solutions for infrared applications or tasks in light measurement. For your application versions from 3 mm to  5 mm are available.
The high quality with good availability, short delivery times and our low minimum order quantities makes HuiYuan Opto a perfect choice.
You can find the complete range with detailed information in our online store.

Monday, December 14, 2020

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