Stewart Connector now also offers M12 connectors

Stewart Connector, well-known manufacturer of high-speed connectors used in Data Communication applications announces the release of their M12 A-Code Series, targeting environments where rugged connectors are needed.

The M12 A-Code product line from Stewart Connector are standard products used in industrial automation, outdoor applications, measurement and control, agriculture and more. A-code M12 connectors are often used for sensors and DC power.

The entire product line is IP67 rated when installed, adding to the reliable nature of these connectors in an industrial environment. IDC and soldering termination options offer quick and easy installations, replacements or upgrades.


  • IP67 rated when installed
  • both male and female panel mount receptacles and field terminated options
  • DeviceNet, CANbus and fieldbus primarily use connectors with 4 and 5 pin options
  • A-coding (or keying) within the M12 series prevents mismatching with other M12 coding/keying options
  • Quick and easy installation, replacements, or upgrades


  • male front panel mount receptacle
  • male rear panel mount receptacle
  • female front panel mount receptacle
  • field terminated plugs with IDCs
  • field terminated plugs with solder cup contacts

Further information on the individual connectors can be found in the PDF brochure.

As an authorized distributor of Stewart Connector you can order these new M12 circular connectors from us.

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Friday, October 25, 2019

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