Our power cords connect your device securely

To connect electrical or electronic devices such as laptops, beamers or monitors to the power supply, we carry a wide range of power cables with different plugs in different lengths from 0.9 m to 5 m in the colours white, black and grey. Extension cables can also be ordered.

Depending on the plug type of the cable, they are suitable for use in Germany, England, Switzerland, the USA or other countries.

Depending on the power supply system and the respective device, the power cables are fitted with a IEC mains plug, a safety power plug, a euro plug or other plug types. Also available are cables with open ends.

For special purposes, we offer cables for outdoor and construction site use, with integrated fuse, with grounding pole, with double protective contact or with child protection in the coupling.

Many power cables are immediately available from stock or can be requested from your customer advisor.

Monday, July 13, 2020

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