New to our range: Quicklock power circular connectors from Lutronic

With Quicklock, connector specialist Lutronic from Schalksmühle offers a powerful and innovative connection solution for voltage and signal transmission.
Cable connectors and couplings that can be assembled, as well as flush-type connectors and couplings - the latter with captive silicone cap - are available in three sizes from 12 to 16 and up to 20 mm diameter in the mating face.
The cable connection takes into account the larger cable diameters of up to 4.0 mm² often required today and is made by soldering.
In all sizes, the contact carrier, handle body and cap nut are made of robust PBT (V0 according to UL94), while the brass contact pins are always offered gold-plated. The Quicklock fastener is made of
a chrome-plated zinc alloy. All sizes in protection class IP67 are designed for the temperature range from -40 to +80 °C, which enables use in very demanding environments.
The requirements for higher currents are met in particular by size 20. Here, currents of up to 20 A at a rated voltage of 500 V and surge voltage of up to 2,500 V AC are possible in a confined space.
Even the smallest size 12 offers 2- to 6-pole versions with 5 A rated current, 7- and 8-pole with 3 A.
An overview of the available products as well as further information can be found in our online store.

Monday, May 3, 2021

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