HighEnd Performance over long distances: The new FibreOptic multimedia cables from encitech

For professional users or the ambitious multimedia enthusiast, encitech now offers high-end multimedia cables in fibre optic technology.

Power losses, as they occur with the usual copper conductors, are practically impossible from the outset. The electrical signals of the connected devices are converted into optical signals by integrated converters in the connector. Special laser diodes ensure that image and sound signals are transmitted precisely and in studio quality into the optical cable and are converted back into electrical signals on the opposite side, just as loss-free. This technology makes transmission distances of up to 200 meters possible.
encitech offers a wide range of different cable types. DVI, HDMI (A and D) and DisplayPort cables are available. Due to the intelligent adapter technology, the cables can also be laid through walls without the need for larger drill diameters.
Detailed information of these cables and further products from encitech can be found in our Internet shop.

Monday, April 20, 2020

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