Here the vibrations are right: Quartz crystals and oscillators from auris

As unspectacular as the products of the quartz and oscillator specialist auris GmbH may seem, they shape a large part of our lives in a world dominated by technology. In doing so, auris always deals with the products, markets and goals of our customers and offers solutions for a multitude of different application areas.
For example, various types of crystals and oscillators are available for the segments of automotive electronics, telecommunications, industrial applications, consumer, medical and security technology, which can meet the individual requirements of the different fields of application.
In addition to crystals in the various sizes of the AQO... and HC... designs, HC49USSMD variants for surface mounting and leaded types in the HC49US and DIL designs are also available. Depending on the series, frequencies from 32.768kHz to 200MHz are covered. Versions with AEC-Q200 qualification or ultralight versions for mobile applications for mobile applications are available as well as taped articles for automatic assembly.
In our online store you will find further technical information as well as an overview of the available oscillators and quartzes.

Monday, April 26, 2021

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