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Even almost 70 years after its development by the US-American company Cannon, the trapezoidal connector system with the name D-Subminitature (short "D-Sub") is still indispensable in the world of electronics. The extremely robust and reliable over the decades, connectors have established themselves in mechanical and plant engineering as well as in all areas of electronic control and regulation technology can assert and hold. Various mounting options and different designs make these products still interesting for a variety of applications.
econ connect offers you a complete range of the available variants from stock. You can choose between mounting by solder cup, as select IDC contact for ribbon cable, crimp connection or solder pin for the printed circuit board. The common pole numbers from 9 to 37 poles are available. The mounting on the housing can be done optionally by prefabricated threads by bolts and  screws or rivets.

Wide temperature ranges from -40°C to +70°C, operating currents of up to 1A and more than 500 possible mating cycles make this connector system reliable to use in more demanding conditions and are often superior to more sophisticated connection solutions in harsher environments.
econ connect not only supplies the plug-in components. Accessories such as hoods, grommets, bolts and thread sets complete the range.

Further information and an overview of the products can be found in our online shop.

Friday, August 21, 2020

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