COVID-19 currently causing supply bottlenecks for other manufacturers

The supply situation of manufacturers from Asia, which is already known to you from our reports, due to a lack of freight capacities and the after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic there, is increasingly affecting European manufacturers as well.
Even if we can fortunately look at predominantly falling incidence figures in this country, many manufacturers operate production facilities in other European countries where, on the other hand, rising case numbers are still being reported or infection incidence is stagnating at a very high level.
Every day, we receive news from the manufacturers' production facilities with reports of difficulties in the procurement of starting materials, staff shortages and the associated announcement of extended delivery times. Products from all areas of our product range are affected.
For example, manufacturers such as ERNI, PTR, Schurter, Electronic Assembly, WIMA, Yageo, Omron, Hongfa and Marquardt are reporting unprecedented difficulties in their production and supply chains. For many manufacturers of active and passive components, the dreaded allocation rules are already in effect again.
In order to cushion the negative effects of the current situation on your production and business development as much as possible, contact your personal account manager today and coordinate your short-, medium- and long-term needs.

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Sunday, February 7, 2021

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