Available from stock - DIP switches for the printed circuit board

DIP switches are a special type of slide switches. They are used for example with printed circuit boards or mainboards and are used to configure certain basic settings. DIP switches you will find in a wide range of industries and applications, for example on the circuit boards in control cabinets, in industrial plants, in PC systems, gaming machines or also for setting hand transmitters.

The designation DIP stands for "Dual in-line Package", which gives a direct indication of the parallel arranged connection rows of the switch. Because of its appearance, a DIP switch is colloquially called a piano switch, piano DIP switch or jokingly mouse piano. Other designations are dual-in-line switches. The grid dimension usually corresponds to that of simple logic components with the same number of pins.

Jumpers offer a similar functionality. The advantage of a DIP switch over jumpers is the self-contained design and the firm permanent connection to the printed circuit board. In addition, the DIP switch offers the possibility of switching the contacts individually and independently of each other with a slide lever.

In our onlineshop we offer you a selection of DIP-switches in different designs directly from stock. Suitable for your application are switches with soldering pins or SMD connections, piano housings or extremely flat design available.

Friday, September 25, 2020

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