LAN Installation Cables, XLAN 600 STP-C 4PR AWG 23/1 Cat.7

VOKA data cables



AWG 23/1

categorie 7

for transmission of digital and analogical signals

designed for horizontal cabling subsystems as connection between a floor distributor and the telecommunication outlets (TOs)

according to ISO/ IEC 11801 2nd ed., EN 50173-1; EN 50288-4-1; IEC 61156-5

for LANs IEEE 802.3: Fast- and Gigabit-Ethernet

double shielded (pairs in metal foil)

bare, solid copper conductor AWG 23/1

SFS-PE wire insulation

individually shielded pairs (plastic laminated aluminium foil)

tinned copper braid

drain wire

halogen free sheath (FRNC) - flame retardant acc. IEC 60332-3 Cat.C

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Voka LAN cable XLAN 600 STP-C 4PR AWG 23/1 S/FTP 100 m category 7 orange 
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